Technology and team, the Ontech engine

A multitude of adjectives define Ontech, a young company born of the vision and commitment to R&D in sectors that needed new innovative ways of seeing things.

Founded in 2012, Ontech is a technology company that designs and develops innovative new products based on Controlled Magnetic Field technology for a multitude of applications in different sectors such as home security, industrial safety or automotive, among others.

With a multidisciplinary team composed primarily of researchers and engineers, Ontech differentiates itself by generating brilliant and original ideas and pursuing perfection in its products.

Quality, Environment and R&D + i Policy

The excellence of our processes and products.

Ontech Security S.l., a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic systems, is aware of the importance of the degree of satisfaction and compliance with the needs of our customers and the environmental management of our processes. Therefore, the following objectives are established:

• The full satisfaction of the client, through the design and supply of products that meet their expectations, and even exceed them, throughout their useful life.

• The full satisfaction of the client, through the design and supply of products that meet their expectations, and even exceed them, throughout their useful life.

• The reduction of environmental impact and pollution in our manufacturing processes.

• Promote Ontech employees and suppliers compliance with the requirements of the company regarding Quality and Environment to achieve the effectiveness of the processes.

• Work continuously to raise awareness among staff about the detection of preventive actions of the Integrated Management System.

• Ontech ensures the prevention of pollution, through environmental management of the environmental aspects of its products in its design process. Likewise, we are committed to comply with environmental, legal or subscribed requirements, applicable to the products we design.

For its achievement, Ontech is committed to the fulfillment of all the requirements, legal or subscribed, associated to our activity, and to that all the people of our organization participate actively in the achievement of these objectives. All of the above guided by a permanent environment of continuous improvement, where environmental respect and the elimination of waste and variability, lead us to the excellence of our processes and products.

This Quality and Environment Policy is mandatory for all Ontech staff.



Ontech's mission is to improve the safety of people and their assets, both privately and industrially, through the development of highly innovative products based on it´s Controlled Magnetic Field (CMF) technology.



Ontech's vision is to be recognized as one of the most revolutionary and innovative technological companies in the security industry, providing products and high-value solutions to the industry.


Ontech develops advanced sensors with high added value based on the Internationally Patented Controlled Magnetic Fields Technology, which allows to be positioned as a leading technological company in the main technological multinationals and large industrial manufacturers market, establishing partnership agreements with global manufacturers to commercialize our CMF products.



Ontech continuously works to provide technology and innovative products with a differential component to the market.


The Ontech team has an enormous passion for what it does, for its products and for the environment around it.


Ontech is committed to its employees, customers and suppliers, and therefore develops initiatives that help improve internal and external relationships.


The Ontech team has a policy of transparency, communication and collaboration between all its departments.

Excellence in products

Ontech develops highly competitive products in the market, with a unique design and functionality.


Hard work and commitment to innovation always has it´s rewards. Ontech, as an enterprising and dynamic company has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the security industry.

  • ISC WEST 2017 (Las Vegas, United States of America)
  • IFSEC 2016 (Londos, United Kingdom)
  • ISC WEST 2016 (Las Vegas, United States of America)


Since 2013, Ontech is a member of the Security Industry Association, the leading international security solutions association.


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