• The ROBERTO project will develop an integrated system allowing the safe use of unenclosed industrial robots with a high load capacity in working environments shared with operators.

  • The project will maximize the use of robot solutions currently present on industrial lines by adapting them to flexible manufacturing processes for short batches, under the co-worker robot concept.

  • Forming part of the Programa Innterconecta 2016, the project's consortium is led by DGH Ingeniería and also involves ONTECH, I3TE, ITERA, GRUPO COPO and IZMAR. AIMEN is involved in this project.

The ROBERTO project combines innovative technology to create an integrated system allowing the safe use of unenclosed industrial robots (with a high load capacity) in shared working environments.

Therefore, the development of new technological perception and control solutions are required which will allow the development of a dynamic multi-level safety system for use in flexible robotic production processes. These systems would enable the design of flexible robotic processes for the manufacture of medium/large parts usually associated with short production batches. The robot solution must be compact (small footprint), economic and easy to use with the aim being to adapt it to a safe and shared production environment, with no enclosures and focused on the user.

The system developed will be validated in two demonstration scenarios, representative of real-world operating conditions: automobile industry and metal-mechanical sector.


Main innovations

The use of unenclosed robotic manipulators, with a high load capacity, which have the ability to work safely in a shared environments with employees on the factory floor avoiding collisions at all times. Such systems will provide manufacturing industries with new possibilities to utilize flexible robotic solutions which can be quickly adapted to new products/parts requiring processing/manufacturing.

Therefore, ROBERTO presents the combined development of adapted active multi-level safety systems for the safe use of high-speed industrial robots with a high load capacity in shared spaces, a programming method with a high level of abstraction, the development of multifunctional integrated sensor and real-time image processing tools and the development of an innovative sensor system based on the low-cost sensors for the detection and locating of operators/objects.

The possibility of validating the prototype developments in two relevant manufacturing environments (automobile industry and metal-mechanical sector) will facilitate a significant quantification of the benefits obtained in variables such as: increased flexibility of the production line, reduction in the costs of associated engineering and physical component costs, reduction in labour costs associated with repetitive tasks and a reduction in the amount of time operators spend on non-ergonomic operations.

Therefore, the use of collaborative robotic solutions like those in the ROBERTO project will provide flexible technological solutions promoting a change from the current mass production model to one of customized production, increasing the efficiency of SMEs dedicated to production and opening up new market opportunities, both for technical developers and for new users of robotics.


Intersectoral collaboration

The ROBERTO project, with a budget of 1.65 million Euros and a total duration of 27 months, forms part of the Innterconecta Programme 2016.


Control architecture

Application tools

Multi-level security system

Automotive and metal/mechanical




Complementarity of the consortium's companies and their position in the value chain of the ROBERTO project

The consortium, led by DGH (the first Spanish company to install a collaborative robot system in the automotive industry in Spain), includes ONTECH (a technology company specializing in the development of advanced sensor systems), I3TE ( a company with extensive experience in the development of industrial electronics for locating and predicting movements), ITERA (a technology company developing multifunctional tools), GRUPO COPO (a company specialized in the manufacture of foams and fabrics for seats in the automotive sector) and IZMAR (a company specializing in metal processing for various industrial sectors).

This group of companies benefits from the collaboration of AIMEN Centro Tecnológico.




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