Technological Features

Ontech Technology is based on the control, management and measurement of magnetic and electrostatic fields (CMF).

The evolution of this physical phenomenon has served Ontech for developing their own technology with a high innovative component, which allows the design and development of sensors that measure small variances in the lines of magnetic and electrostatic controlled fields.

Main features of Ontech’s Controlled Magnetic Fields (CMF) technology are:

  • CMF can form any geometrical figure: The design of Ontech’s sensors allows to readdress CMF field lines forming any desired geometrical figure.
  • High sensitivity to detect disturbances in the CMF: Ontech has developed their own specific hardware to increase measurement sensitivity, in order to perceive even minuscule variations in the CMF.
  • CMF differentiates between people, animals and objects:Effective discrimination between people, animals and objects is achieved through a data processing algorithm which allows to differentiate those variances in the CMF for each of them.
  • The CMF has a reach of 1.5 meters: Power and sensibility obtained in the sensor on the CMF allow to detect alterations up to 1.5 meters away – That is, the sensor can identify those magnetic field alterations 1.5 meters before they reach the monitored item.
  • System monitors CMF in real time: The sensor measures variations in the CMF in real time, determining the trajectory and distance of people, animals and objects that come into contact with the created field. It can also develop more precise signal-analysis algorithms than one-time measurements.