Ontech technology marks the next generation in personal and professional security.

During this era of rapid change in technical and process automation, two industries in particular, Smart Homes and Industry 4.0, are demonstrating the highest levels of innovation and growth.

These two industry areas are interrelated, providing intelligence to both households and industrial facilities by allowing users to monitor critical parameters and control devices remotely.

This evolution has also affected the field of security, however, the current sensors technologies have not kept pace and are beginning to become obsolete loosing competitiveness in the market. Aware of this growing need for new more capable sensor technologies, Ontech, works on the development of new advanced sensors that allow greater protection, connectivity and control of spaces. The use of increasingly intelligent and automated sensors that are able to connect and communicate with one another is changing the way we manage the use and information of homes and businesses.

Ontech's Controlled Magnetic Field (CMC) technology is an unprecedented development that will completely transform the coexistence and relationships between people and spaces.

Ontech's CMF technology has three main innovative features


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