Wardiam PRO


The most reliable security system on the market

Wardiam PRO is a professional security system which includes a central control panel and a Controlled Magnetic Field (CMF) sensor. The system can be supplemented with additional CFM sensors and accessories such as an interior siren, a wireless camera, an electronic peephole viewer/camera and personal identification key fobs. Each central control panel can support up to 32 devices in total, not including key fobs.

One features that makes Wardiam PRO unique in the world is that it offers protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and remains active even when users are inside the protected space.

Unlike conventional alarm systems, Wardiam PRO can detect intruders while attempting to break into a home or office, triggering pre-emptive alarm. If an intrusion still occurs then Wardiam PRO also activates a second intrusion alarm.

In addition, Wardiam PRO has the ability to protect windows whether they are open or closed, a capability not available with any other sensor on the market.


Plug and play

All Wardiam products are easy for the DIY installer and simple to use.


The control panel is equipped with a backlit touchpad.

Alarm Communications

The central control panel has three redundant means of getting an alarm message to the clound based server; Ethernet, WiFi and an onboard 2G/3G wirelss chip, assuring a secure and reliable alarm message to the user and or call center.

Wireless Connectivity and jamming detection

Wardiam Pro utilizes proprietary encrypted wireless RF communications between the central control panel and all periferal devices and it has a built-in frequency jamming detection system.


2MP camera with high brightness IR LED flash technology for maximum effectiveness in total darkness conditions.

Key Fob

Blue tooth motion activated key fobs communicate with Wardiam Detectors allowing entry by authorized individuals without the need to de-activiate the alarm.

Web and mobile app

Wardiam web and mobile applications (iOS and Android) allow the control and configuration of the system and the monitoring of alarms and events.

Anti-sabotage protection

Wardiam Pro detects any tampering such as attempts to open or disconnect any the device in the system.

Remote Updates

You can remotely upgrade software on sensors and other devices to the latest version.

Alarm management

Performs the management of alarms from the control center to the web platform via Ethernet, WiFi, GPRS

Central Alarm Monitoring Stations

Wardiam Pro supports the use of Central Alarm Monitoring Stations by ADEMCO CONTACT ID REPORTING.

Security grade 2

Security grade 2 and environmental class II certification.


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