Ontech Security is a technology company, specialising in advanced sensorisation, which has developed a unique patent and disruptive technology for Magnetic Field Control.

This technology applicable to infinite sectors, allows us to solve innumerable issues that could not be overcome with the technologies available up to the present day.


Juan Aponte and Isidoro Sánchez Tejado, founders of Ontech, met in 2013 at the IESE Business School in Madrid.

The industrial engineer Juan Aponte travelled to IESE to unveil a project for the development of a new alarm concept with which he had won the Yuzz award granted by the Banesto bank to entrepreneurs.

Isidoro Sánchez, entrepreneur, business angel and IESE collaborator as Senior Lecturer in the area of entrepreneurship attended the presentation of the project and saw that what Juan Aponte said made sense and there was a clear need for a product of these characteristics in the market of security.

The project presented by Juan Aponte consisted in the development of a new concept of alarm with a disruptive technology that he had invented, through which magnetic fields could be controlled and to obtain new features that did not exist in other alarms.

The two decided to set up a company geared towards the development of Magnetic Field Control or Control Magnetics Fields (CMF) technology and the creation of the first product that was the state-of-the-art household alarm that allowed for people to remain inside the property with the alarm connected is always activated (always ON), as the issue had been detected that users of domestic alarms complained of whereby when greater protection was needed, that is, when they were in their homes they had to disconnect the alarm because the technology did not allow people in the area where the sensor was located, meaning they were unprotected when they needed it most.

Ontech embarked on its professional activity in June 2013 and the initial financing of €600,000 was provided by a group of business angels from IESE which was used to create the first team of eight engineers who, starting from the basic prototype that Juan Aponte had developed, began to develop the CMF technology. Subsequently, based on this technology, they developed an alarm that did not need to be disconnected when people were inside the house and that discriminated between people, animals and objects.

Until the beginning of 2016, CMF technology and household alarms were being developed as the breakthrough product that came out of that technology and the aim was to validate the technology through national technological and security companies, resulting in a highly satisfactory response.

For the possible international validation of the technology, it was decided to attend the flagship event in the world of electronic technology, the CES in Las Vegas or the Customer Electronics Show with its own stand where the technology can be showcased in the form of domestic security products.

The CES in Las Vegas in January 2016 marked a point of inflexion for the company with regard to the positive feedback received and the useful networking ventures embarked upon. Certain comments such as "an innovation as wide-reaching as this has not been seen in the field of security in twenty years..." and the large multinational companies that were contacted were pleasantly surprised by the CMF technology that could differentiate between people, animals and objects, that detected a person a metre and a half away, alongside other innovative features. The CES helped Ontech to become aware that it boasted technology that was disruptive and innovative, highly versatile and multi-sectoral.

In April of that same year the Ontech team returned to Las Vegas to the ISC West, which is possibly the most important security fair in the world, opting for the award in the "Intrusion" category. Ontech won the First Prize fighting off competition from large multinationals. Specifically, Robert Bosch had won this award for the last three years.

The First Prize won at the 2016 ISC West in Las Vegas ("Best in Intrusion Detection & Prevention Solution") was another important milestone in Ontech's career, since it internationalised the company and made it known throughout the world.

Ontech’s in-house CMF technology and its associated products continued to win awards at the following international fairs: First Prize at the ISC West Las Vegas 2017 ("Best in Outdoor Perimeter Solution"), First Prize at the FSEC in London 2017 ("Active Fire Innovation of the Year ") and First Prize at the ISC West Las Vegas 2018 ("Best in Personal Protective Equipment")

Over the next two years, the Ontech engineering team continued to improve CMF technology and products for the Home Security business line under the trademark Wardiam, chosen for its similarity to the Guardian sound, Wardiam Pro and Wardiam ONE, as well as the product for the line of business Perimeter Security, Wardiam Perimeter, and other applications with prototypes for defence, delivery, automotive, smart locks, tools, etc.

There was also a significant qualitative leap on a technological level, with the development of the first ASIC or chip of the company in collaboration with the School of Industrial Engineers of the University of Seville, endowed with artificial intelligence and complex algorithm functionalities that can be integrated into the products of Ontech and those of other manufacturers providing greater speed and sensitivity to the products.

In the last two years, Ontech has obtained two technological patents that cover its CMF technology and several patents to cover its products, alongside this, several products have been certified, both with the CEE qualification and with the European Grade 2 qualification for household security and similar, such as Grade 4 for high security critical installations.

A fundamental part for the development of Ontech as a technology company has been the financing received by "business angels" and private investors who have contributed to the company a share capital of 11 million euros, as well as the European Union with a subsidy of a million euros within the xxx programme that aims to detect and help future European Googles, and loans and grants from the CDTI, Technological Centre of Andalusia (CTA) and Soprea (Andalusian Regional Government), which have made it possible to create a team of 50 engineers with different specialties: hardware, firmware, design, testing, quality assurance and manufacturing, to develop Ontech's CMF technology and its applications.


At Ontech, we are working to invent and innovate disruptive technologies based on the technology of Controlled Magnetic Fields (CMF) and share them with other manufacturers to make the world a safer place.


At Ontech, a dream is in place and that is that the technology of Controlled Magnetic Fields helps to improve security for people and companies in the world.

The future does not exist, the future is created and Ontech is working to make that vision a reality and to lay the foundations for a paradigm shift in the world of security with technological applications that offer solutions to issues that have been unsolvable to date.


Ontech develops advanced high added value sensors based on the patented technology of internationally controlled magnetic fields, which allows us to position ourselves as a leading technology company in the main technological multinationals and large industrial manufacturers, establishing partnership agreements with global manufacturers to market our CMF products.



Ontech continuously works to provide innovative technology and products, with a high differential component for the market.


The Ontech team is driven by an enormous passion for what it does, for its products and for the environment that surrounds it.


Ontech is committed to its employees, customers and suppliers, and therefore develops initiatives that help improve both internal and external relationships.


The Ontech team has a policy of transparency, communication and collaboration among all its departments.

Excelence in products

Ontech develops highly competitive products in the market, with a unique design coupled with standout functional aspects.

Business Model

Ontech has a business model "business to business" (B2B), whereby Ontech undertakes research and development of technology and products, based on CMF technology to reach partnership agreements with:

  • Distributors and installers for the distribution and installation of Ontech products worldwide
  • International manufacturers so that, through licencing, they can integrate Ontech technology into their products under the concept "Ontech Inside."


Quality Policy, Environment and R&D&I Policy

The excellence of our processes and products

Ontech Security SL, a company devoted to the design, manufacture and assembly of electronic detection devices, is aware of the importance of the degree of satisfaction and fulfillment of the needs of our stakeholders and of the ambient management of our processes.

Therefore, the following aims are established:

  • The full satisfaction of the client and others stakeholders, through the design and supply of products that meet their expectations, and even exceed them, throughout their useful life.
  • The reduction of environmental impact and pollution in our manufacturing processes through the implementation of the Eco-design process in the development of our products.
  • Promote Ontech's collaborators and supplier’s compliance with the company's requirements regarding Quality, Environment and Research, Development and Innovation management systems to achieve the effectiveness of the processes.
  • Work continuously to raise awareness among staff about the detection of preventive actions outlined in the Integrated Management System.
  • Ontech ensures the prevention of pollution through environmental management of the environmental aspects of its products in its design process. Likewise, we are committed to comply with environmental, legal or subscribed requirements, applicable to the products we design.
  • Ontech promotes the generation of ideas to achieve the development of innovative projects that grow our technological industrial property and our intangibles in a sustained way to achieve technological leadership in Research and Development.

For its achievement, Ontech is committed to the fulfillment of all the requirements, legal or subscribed, associated with our activity, since all the people of our organization participate actively in the achievement of these aims. All of the above guided by a permanent environment of continuous improvement, in which environmental respect and the elimination of waste and variability, lead us to the excellence of our processes and products.

This Quality, Environment and R&D&I Policy is mandatory for all Ontech staff.


Since 2013, Ontech has been a member of the Security Industry Association, the leading international association in security solutions.