The project's general aim is to develop a system that guarantees that all safety and control measures of UAVs are fulfilled n open spaces, marking out a well-known and dimensioned space, and ensuring that the UAV*checkza is able to identify obstacles, avoiding the collision with them and preventing it from leaving the enabled space. The system must detect when the UAV has varied its established route, either due to UAV or non-UAV causes, whether they are external agents, meteorological agents, etc; and must be able to return to a safe environment. It is therefore a question of developing a system that allows us to delimit virtually any space according to the needs and the use case, with precise coordinates, and that guarantees us that the UAV will not leave that control area established and delimited beforehand. It would be a portable system and adaptable to any type of space, whether inside or outside, where the UAV could develop multiple functions in a controlled manner and with full guarantee.

This project would be a preliminary step that would allow the use of UAVs in controlled spaces until the regulations are developed enough to allow free use in non-segregated airspaces. The development of this project could give rise to a network of controlled virtual spaces giving continuity to future projects and facilitating the evolution of the regulations that oversee the use of this type of devices.

The project would fall within the scope of security, with economic and commercial projection internationally in different areas of industrial application, as well as its subsequent integration, in order to have a prototype for experimental use (exclusively for validation and demonstration) of a Advanced geolocation system for control in security matters. In order to achieve this general aim, the group of companies that participate in the consortium will tackle a cooperative manner the set of problems and solutions that this project proposes from a technical, social and functional approach. The technical and technological approach will be covered through cooperation between the 4 companies that make up the consortium with headquarters in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (AYESA AIR CONTROL, ONTECH SECURITY SL, G & M INGENIERÍA and ROVIMÁTICA SL).

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