Ontech wins the “Active Fire Innovation of the Year” award at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards in London
  • For the second consecutive year, Ontech has been awarded at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards, the most prestigious security industry awards in the United Kingdom.
  • The award is in the category “Active Fire Innovation of the Year” for the revolutionary Wardiam PRO Fire product.

The Security and Fire Excellence Awards gala was held last night in London, United Kingdom. The event brought together the main leaders of the security sector and the most disruptive companies that develop products and services in different lines for fire and theft protection.

Ontech, as it could not be otherwise, attended the event and was awarded with the prize for “Active Fire Innovation of the Year” in a gala that was full of surprises and technology. The award was accepted by Ontech’s CEO Juan Aponte and development Pedro Teixido.

The award was given by Ontech’s innovative product, Wardiam PRO Fire. Wardiam Pro Fire is the first fire detection system designed to detect the presence people or animals when a fire occurs and to direct them to the exit even when smoke impedes their vision. This exclusive, internationally patented product utilizes three internal sensors to reliably detect fires including, smoke, carbon monoxide and temperature sensors. When a fire activates the device the built-in thermal camera captures images of any people or animals that may still be in the room even when smoke has reduced visibility to zero.   The device then processes the image and determines if there are lives still in the room in which case it activates a distinct audible alarm.  The device also sends the images real time to home owners and first responders.  The built-in directional laser guides people quickly to the exit

This new award consolidates the work and the innovative technology that the Ontech’s team has been developing since the company’s birth. 2017 has been a year of important milestones for Ontech, which encourages us to continue working hard to become a world benchmark in the security and technology sector.