At Home, Maximum protection

Wardiam PRO is at the forefront of preventive security systems on the market and the only one capable of detecting the presence of possible intruders before they cross protected access. Unlike conventional alarms, Wardiam does not disconnect when users arrive home, allowing them to remain protected while inside the enclosure.

In addition, the Wardiam PRO Sensor has a discriminatory nature, differentiating between people, animals and objects, which almost completely eliminates false alarms, which currently account for 95 percent of the notices that receive the warnings of security companies, and detects reports the fraudulent use of inhibitors in all wireless communications.



  • Can detect intruders before they enter, triggering an innovative preventative alarm- Wardiam PRO sensor technology distinguishes between people, animals and plants, thus reducing false alarms.
  • Wardiam PRO offers protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and remains active even when users are inside the protected space, with no risk of false alarms.
  • Wardiam PRO has the ability to protect windows, regardless of whether they are closed or open.